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The chinese zodiac typogprahy editorial layout chinese character

Publication Design

A bilingual book that reflects on Chinese culture through the Chinese Zodiac and Chinese characters. The book showcases the history and story of the Chinese Zodiac (The Great Race) in both English and Cantonese, along with the evolution of Chinese Scripts (Hanzi) in typographic form.

The aim of the publication is to educate a reader in two languages and to inform people about the Zodiac sign compatibilities.

the chinese zodiac poster the twelve animals illustration and chinese script characters typography

Poster Design

Posters created for an exhibition to showcase the publication of my final year project, The Chinese Zodiac.

The 2 posters portrays the beauty of ink typography and illustration of the Chinese Zodiac Animals.


Music Artist Branding

A personal branding project for

a music artist called Daryl Lindo.

I was given a branding/promotional brief from his music management. 

Daryl Lindo is a London based Alternative R&B musician and producer. He's required to produce and to release his first EP for his final year university music project.

Daryl Lindo yauvince music artist branding with CD album cover design
Suggest yauvince music artist branding logo design

Logo Design

A personal logo design project for a music duo called Suggest. Their music management has given me a brief to design a logo in which it should represents the visual identity of 'Suggest'.

Suggest is a soul-pop duo formed by Jessica Danbury and Seb Lowton, originally from Blackpool and Kent. 


A live branding brief set by SERV. To create a simple, but elegant brand that can be recognized for the new sports service.

Task involve creating a brand system through development of a logo mark, typography, colour palette, brand personality traits.

Good Game sports service branding project with poster and logo design

Service Branding

Good Game
yauvince self portrait photography projection media

D&AD Live Project

This is a live project set by Adobe. The theme is Wisdom. “Adobe wants you to use your life experience and hard won wisdom

as a springboard for a set of

posters or prints.”

To design a music poster for a music performer called Steve Reich. The

task was to listen to the music and

to express my interpretations in experimental typographic form.

It is restricted to be purely typographic.

Typography and Communication

Steve Reich music poster typography
Three day monk music artist band branding logo design

Music Artist Branding

Three Day Monk is an Indie Band from the UK. The band debut in early 2018.

The band member has contacted me in which he wanted a logo design for the band debut.

The design should relate to their band name and their style of music.


Representation of Information

The theme is 'the good journey'. The definition of a journey can be a standard idea of from a starting point to a finishing point or it can be an idea of the journey (process) of making something. I have focused this project on the process of making a cocktail.

The good journey project cocktail simple minimal graphic design booklet infographics
everything about one thing project based on chinese cuisine dim sum booklet typography layout design

Typography and Communication

The project is 'everything about one thing', in this case, I have focused on the Asian cuisine, dim sum. The task is to create a form of book with typographic techniques based on any topic of our choice.

Design as

Personal Project

Design as music is a project that I've created for myself.

The project consists of illustration of music artists or bands that I listen do. I produce the poster with the illustration and also with the favorite quotes/lyrics in typographic form.

music typography and illustration design poster all american rejects tyson ritter

A young creative who is based in London, Vincent Yau. 

I am currently working in a marketing consultant to develop

multiple brands across the UK and I am also available to work as a freelancer, get in touch and start working together!

E-mail: vincentyau@live.com

Instagram: @yauvince

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Personal Drawing

Here is my selected illustration work. I have developed my tonal drawing style with pencil to biro ink pen as I personally prefer the depth of the ink and the tone of the blue. My current illustration style consists of scribble technique with the flow of blue ink pen, to combine with a coloured brush stroke to highlight the face or the emotion of the drawing.