D&AD Live Project

A live branding brief set by SERV. To create a simple, but elegant brand that can be recognized for the new sports service. Task involve creating a brand system through development of a logo mark, typography, colour palette, brand personality traits. These designs should be shown as box for lunch, printed artifact for encouraging notes for inclusion with the lunch, 4 x 5.5in. Schedule games, and stickers.

'Good Game' is a new service for parents, young athletes, coaches and college scouts.

The service helps ease the process of booking travel to tournaments, provides between game nutrition, physical recovery training/tips, and access to sports psychologist.

Audience: 12 - 18 year old athletes, parents, and coaches of youth sports team for soccer, baseball, softballs and basketball.

Logo design for 'Good Game' service.

Game schedule design for 'Good Game' service.

Lunch box design for 'Good Game' service.

Poster design to present the identity of 'Good Game' service.