Logo Design

A personal logo design project for a music duo called Suggest. Their music management has given me a brief to design a logo in which it should represents the visual identity of 'Suggest'.

Suggest is a soul-pop duo formed by Jessica Danbury and Seb Lowton, originally from Blackpool and Kent. With Lowton’s creative drum playing and the soulful voice of Jess, combined together they make a unique alternative, dark pop sound, complete with catchy hooks and interesting drum patterns setting it aside and challenging the mainstream sound.

They are currently studying music in Westminster university, suggest are in the midst of creating and developing their sound whilst collaborating with other talented and aspiring musicians.

For the project, I have created both logomark and logotype. I have used the element of the logomark within the logotype.

For more information on 'Suggest'.

Logo design using the grid and ratio.